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Visual Studio ‘Find & Replace’ with Regex Groups

TIL; When using Visual Studio ‘Find & Replace’, regex match groups used within the search term, can be referenced numerically in the replacement term using the $ symbol. The example below adds spaces between function parameters:

Test String


Search term


Replacement term

, $1


SomeFunctionCall(param1, param2, param3);

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Creating a new Windows Service

Sometimes it’s enough to add a program or script to the startup folder or scheduled a boot-time task, however if you need to setup a fully fledged Windows Service, the freeware NSSM (Non-Sucking Service Manager) tool can be used to quickly and easily install or remove Windows Services from the command line.

Creating a new Windows Service
The following command will pop-up a nice UI for you to select which program/script you want to run and allow you to tweak additional settings such as Automatic/Manual startup etc:

nssm install "YourNewServiceName"

Removing a Windows Service
The following command permanently un-registers and removes a Windows Service by name:

nssm remove "YourServiceName"

PDF Merging

I am currently in the process of merging all the chapters of “Graphics Programming Black Book” by Michael Abrash, I will be adding this to my site later this evening (I assume I am breaking no laws by doing so). Anyway, I expected to have to pay for a pdf merger but found some neat freeware software by Adolix named “Split and Merge PDF 1.3″, available for download here.

The software is capable of merging and splitting pdf documents and appears to be working well so far!

UPDATE: Seems that the software can only handle merging 5 documents at a time, however reccursive merging appears to be working well.