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SQL Generator

I found this tool today which allows you to use a webUI to design a database table, and will then generate you the SQL code to create that table at runtime.

I used this to design a table to use with sqlite3 and although the code generated is intended for use with mysql, a few minor adjustments allowed me to execute this on a sqlite3 database with no problems.

Making Flash and Javascript Communicate

Making actionscript communicate with javascript is something I have achieved before by using the following action



However today I found a much better way to provide stable communication between the two languages One benefit of the method described here is that it does not make the “link clicked” sound in IE6+ which the getUrl actionscript call will trigger.


Draw Anywhere!

Draw Anywhere!

Draw Anywhere is a cool tool I found today which allows you to create block / flowchart diagrams online with no software installation. The application runs in browser using Adobe Flash to do all the hard work!

My first impressions (from the poor site design and sketchy nature) were dissapointing, although once I had signed up, and declined upgrading to a pro account (i can crop their logo off my drawings myself thankyou very much!) I was quite impressed.

The interface works well although you do get the feeling that the application is still in development and little snags appear here and there with the rendering of your work. I worked through and used the system to draw a simple flowchart for an online flash game I am currently working on, here is the result.

Online Play Diagram

The subject of the flowchart isn’t too complex but as you can see the image is made quite nicely and was exported as a jpeg in moments (offered as an instant http download). Overall if your not at your PC and are missing programs such as Publisher or Mind Mapper, this online tool can be in-valuable. I can see it coming in handy at University when the admins have neglected to install anything remotely useful on my machine!