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Installing .deb packages without Ubuntu Software Centre

If like me, you attempt to avoid Ubuntu Software Centre at all costs (due to it’s often slow and clunky nature) you can easily install a downloaded Debian package from the terminal as follows:

sudo dpkg -i mypackage.deb

Packages can also be removed in a similar fashion if you know the package name:

sudo dpkg -r mypackage

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Symlinks on Mac OSX

Setting up symlinks on OSX is a breeze…


sudo ln -s "/Applications/" /bin/myapp

This also has the additional benefit of adding myapp to the $PATH as /etc/paths contains an entry for /bin by default. Now the app is added to the path it can be launched within the terminal from any location.

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Making an ISO file from terminal in Ubuntu

Today I discovered the mkisofs command, a general linux command not specific to Ubuntu. This command enables you to make an ISO disk image of any folder or group of files on your hard drive or external media. I used it today to make an ISO file of a CD which appears to have worked perfectly using the following command

mkisofs -o EPSON.iso /media/cdrom0

The -o parameter specifies the desired output file-name (in this case EPSON.iso). This command has literally hundreds of paramaters which are explained better than I would even attempt here.