Thomas Sampson

Miro version 2.0 is here!

Not downloaded just yet but from the screenshots looks like a major improvement on version 1 which was already great! The main improvements for me are the reduced memory footprint, and finally the option to pop out video! A must for anyone who watches video online! Get it here

Not convinced? Vid below….


Standard Definition Vs High Definition

Standard Defenition Vs High Definition

Stumbled upon this today, it is snapshots from LOTR. One is taken from a standard definition DVD, the other from Blue Ray (HD Disc), with both being taken from the exact same frame on each. The difference here is vast and as you can see, the HD version outshines the SD version by far. In addition to the extra detail, even the colours look better defined. Show this to anyone who is reluctant to make the switch! 🙂