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Making Flash and Javascript Communicate

Making actionscript communicate with javascript is something I have achieved before by using the following action



However today I found a much better way to provide stable communication between the two languages One benefit of the method described here is that it does not make the “link clicked” sound in IE6+ which the getUrl actionscript call will trigger.


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Blog Rejection!

Merry ChristmasIt suddenly came to my attention this evening that I had seriously rejected my blog over the holiday season! Mainly due to it being Christmas, but also due to the amount of assignment deadlines which popped up towards the end of semester one. Well anyway, the majority of the assignments are handed in with a remaining 2 to be handed in next semester! There are a couple of articles I have been eager to write lately, which I plan to start sometime tomorrow, to share with the web (and also to revise my knowledge of the topics for use in exams next month :p ).

Starting tomorrow I am planning to write articles on simplifying Boolean logic using
De Morgan’s Law
(useful in many professions, especially programming and any logic related areas). Also I had been planning to try and demystify actionscript, a language which I despise until it works and looks pretty good, then I stumble along some more. I plan to try and write an article on OOP in actionscript and also variable/object scopes which are as yet beyond me in flash. I remember a while back I posted a link to an actionscript OOP tutorial, but the article I write will try and tackle the subject in plain English and probably make more sense to those familiar with other HLL such as java or c++. Talking about posting this stuff is one thing and doing it is another, but I honestly think that if people didn’t contribute this kind of stuff (useless to most, invaluable to the minority) then the Internet would be a sparse place. In the meantime here is a useful link to a website dedicated to the organisation and categorisation of open source software. Merry Christmas!

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Actionscript as an OOP language

Adobe Flash Logo

Recently I have delved into very simple programming in flash (provided by the actionscript framework), running seqencial code for small animations or math functions. The following tutorial shows how to apply the rules of the OOP model to actionscript (the language for scripting flash applications)