Thomas Sampson

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SQL Generator

I found this tool today which allows you to use a webUI to design a database table, and will then generate you the SQL code to create that table at runtime.

I used this to design a table to use with sqlite3 and although the code generated is intended for use with mysql, a few minor adjustments allowed me to execute this on a sqlite3 database with no problems.



Odbc Memory allocation error

Today I tried upgrading the odbc drivers on my server from 3.5 to 5.1. I immediately ran in to troubles and got a “Memory allocation error” when executing a non query to mySql. After reverting back to driver version 3.5 i found that the error was caused simply by a “data too long for field” error which i quickly fixed in no time at all.

I am not sure if the memory allocation error i received with the new drivers was related to this but if anyone could explain this I would love to know whats going off. If anyone gets a memory allocation error in 5.1 it might be worth checking to ensure the data your inserting fits into the row.