Thomas Sampson



BounceBack is an exciting 2D Platform/Puzzle game about a bouncy ball called Lanos who over time has lost his bounce! Control Lanos on a quest to get his bounce back, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles in 25 thought-provoking levels. Journey higher and higher through several progressively challenging areas to get Lanos back to his home world on the moon! Collect the magical Bounceables in order to fill up your BounceBar and get some serious air! Along the way befriend a host of memorable support characters to aid in puzzle solving, each with unique special abilities at your disposal. Do you have what it takes to bounce all the way to the stars? Don your thinking cap and download this puzzle-fuelled title now!

My Involvement

I have been involved with BounceBack since it’s initial design in 2010 and have played a key role in bringing the title to submission as a PSP Mini’s game. My main responsibilities involved writing and maintaining the game engine used to build BounceBack, along with a collection of tools and build systems to support the game’s development. I also worked closely with the game-play programmers to implement aspects of the core game mechanics and played a key role in the game’s testing and submission process. For more information on my involvement with the Steel Minions team see this article.