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Executing multiple executables

I knew this could be achieved easily through a batch file (Windows only). I wanted to launch 3 programs at once, I would use this script at uni to launch a bunch of portable apps I use almost every logon session. I first tried the following, simply putting a different executable path on each line…




It turns out this half worked, but wont laucnh the program on line 2 until program 1 closes. I then found that to get all the 3 applications to launch simultaneously the following code is necessary…

start “” “F:\MyWork\Apps\PidginPortable\PidginPortable.exe”
start “” “F:\MyWork\Apps\FirefoxPortable\FirefoxPortable.exe”
start “” “F:\MyWork\Apps\Notepad++Portable\Notepad++Portable.exe”

( the exit command just closes the command file once the script has completed)


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I have recently graduated with a 1st class degree in MComp Games Software Development at Sheffield Hallam University, focusing primarily on application development in C++, with experience in graphics programming, scripting languages, DVCS/VCS and web technology. In my spare time I enjoy Drumming, Reading and Snowboarding!

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