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Debugging full screen DirectX Applications

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Today I was trying to step through some code for intialising a vertex buffer, as something was going drastically wrong along the way. However my application needed to be tested in full screen mode which made debugging through VS impossible as the application I was trying to debug takes full control of the screen.

There seem to be two solutions in this scenario;

  1. Modify your code to run in windowed mode (easy enough to do, just change your window class registration and DirectX initialisation routines)
  2. Use multiple monitors –> Goto control panel, choose DirectX, Goto DirectDraw tab, choose Advanced and enable Multiple Monitor Debugging.

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One thought on “Debugging full screen DirectX Applications

  1. If you have two machines you can remote debug native code. You need to either have VC on both machines or on one and remote debugging tools on the other.

    I was having frame buffer problems as well when running an app in full screen mode, and had to go for that solution.