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New Windows Vista Ads That Will Crumble Apple Mac Propaganda

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My friend was a part of this project and its quite interesting, take a look

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One thought on “New Windows Vista Ads That Will Crumble Apple Mac Propaganda

  1. Haha awesome. It’s good when you can let somebody see for themself the best features of software, by being shown by someone who is capable of showing them how it works. Most people have no idea how to use even the simplest of functions on their PCs and do things the hard way just because they’ve never been shown the easy way.

    Even simple tasks like alphabetising a list of names; someone might not even consider that it would be possible with the click of a button, and go ahead organising the list manually.

    Or someone might think that if you typed something in Word and it needed to be in Publisher, that the easy way of transferring the data would be to resize the windows and position one above the other so you could see both areas on the screen, and you could just point out that it’s easy to copy and paste the text…

    *Cough* Apthorpe *Cough*

    Haha gotta love GCSE IT stories.

    Keep ’em coming, Tom!