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Windows Aero InterfaceAfter experiencing a very slow response time from my laptop today I checked out the task manager to see if anythign obvious was stalling my system. After ordering my memory usage the process “dwm.exe” was close to the top, consuming about 40mb of memory. At first I was worried that this was some mallicious program running in the background, especially after my attempts to kill the process, resulted in it re-creating it’s self straight back into task manager. However during the kill / re-creation of the process I noticed that the whole windows explorer interface moved around and looked very strange, then returned to normal after a few seconds. After some research I found that this process is simply responsible for the Aero Glass interface within Windows Vista and keeps all the transparency and interface running smoothly (in theory).

This file is NOT a security threat!!

It does however seem to use a lot of memory, and I assume (although I haven’t tried) that the process is non existent when running Vista in classic mode.


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