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Standard Definition Vs High Definition


Standard Defenition Vs High Definition

Stumbled upon this today, it is snapshots from LOTR. One is taken from a standard definition DVD, the other from Blue Ray (HD Disc), with both being taken from the exact same frame on each. The difference here is vast and as you can see, the HD version outshines the SD version by far. In addition to the extra detail, even the colours look better defined. Show this to anyone who is reluctant to make the switch! 🙂


Author: tomtech999

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2 thoughts on “Standard Definition Vs High Definition

  1. HD will go main stream once they sto producing Standard Def, If you never had it you will never miss it.

  2. It shows on frames, but not so much on moving images. The basis of how films work is that they are several moving images and we almost never view a frame alone so this may be marked when you compare next to each other, but watch 5 mins on DVD then on Bluray and you will notice the difference, but perhaps you wont notice $1000 worth of difference (unless you are a movies or sports fan).