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Equation Editor

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Cool equation editor made by a Physics Professor at Hamline University. I stumbled upon this today when searching for a way to digitise my handwritten boolean equations for an assignment. This tool allows you to easily create equations in plain text using codes and then render them to a GIF which you can quickly Drag & Drop into your word processing app (or whatever app you require). NB:- you can use \overline to over-line characters, over-lining a word requires \overline of each character in that word. Also \oplus can be used to create a target shape (which i am using for exclusive OR gates)

Sample Output


Author: tomtech999

I have recently graduated with a 1st class degree in MComp Games Software Development at Sheffield Hallam University, focusing primarily on application development in C++, with experience in graphics programming, scripting languages, DVCS/VCS and web technology. In my spare time I enjoy Drumming, Reading and Snowboarding!

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