Thomas Sampson

DVD to MPEG4 Converter

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I’m currently convering a DVD to MPEG4 and everything is going smoothly! Also has many presets for other ouptuts such as ALL video capable Ipods, Apple TV, Animation, TV, PSP, PS3 etc etc. The software does clearly state that it will not rip commercial DVD’s although I stronly assume that this can be bypassed, perhaps by using DVD shrink to decrypt the dvd first. Earlier today I attemped to convert a DVD (Backed up using DVD shrink) to H264. This failed, not sure why just froze at the final stage of Muxing (Mulitiplexing) the audio / video streams together. Instead i’m now using the mpeg4 encoder on the “film” preset, expect an update on completion.


Author: tomtech999

I have recently graduated with a 1st class degree in MComp Games Software Development at Sheffield Hallam University, focusing primarily on application development in C++, with experience in graphics programming, scripting languages, DVCS/VCS and web technology. In my spare time I enjoy Drumming, Reading and Snowboarding!

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