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Connecting to MySQL from asp.NET

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To connect to mySQL from .net 2 things are required

odbc .NET connector (available from
mySQL .net adapter (available from MySQL site)

then, in c#


using System.Data.Odbc;

CONNECTION (written from memory as a guide)

string connectionstring=”Driver={mySQL};;Port=3306;Option=131072;Stmt=;Database=my-database;Uid=username;Pwd=password;”;

odbcConnection goconnect = new odbcConnection(connectionstring);
odbcCommand insertsumat=new odbcCommand(“insert into tablename values(‘fred’,17′)”,goconnect);
odbcCommand retrievesumat=new odbcCommand(“select * from users where name like ‘tom'”,goconnect);
odbcDataReader readit=retrievesumat.ExecuteReader();

Thats pretty much it, used in same way as a OleDB connection to an access database, just using a different adaptor (odbc) and a new connection string. Any probs check port matches that of mySQL.


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