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Notes on SQL Server

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Include the reference;

using System.Data.SqlClient;

to connect and open…

SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection(“user id=SQLSERVERUSERNAME;” +”password=SQLSERVERPASSWORD;server=SERVER PATH HERE, USE . IF LOCAL;” + “Trusted_Connection=yes;”+ “database=DATABSE TO CONNECT TO; “);

NOTE: Connection must be made EVERY time data is added / retrieved

To Add Data the connected Database….

//create new command to add data//
SqlCommand COMANDNAMEHERE=newSqlCommand(“INSERTINTO tablename(collumname) ” //here colum names can be comma seperated//
+ “Values (valuetoadd)”, myConnection);//here the values to add can be comma seperated//

// myConnection is name of establishd connection//

//this command will insert new value (valuetoadd) into tablename in specified column//

//run command//

To Retrieve Data from the connected Database and assign to a label….

SqlDataReader READERNAMEHERE = null; //create new reader object//
//create new command to retrieve data//

SqlCommand COMMANDNAMEHERE = new SqlCommand(“select * from tablename where collum LIKE ‘value’, myConnection);
//this command selects all the values from the table where the value appears in the collum//
//code above runs the command into the reader and starts it ‘reading’//
//while ever the reader is reading, grab the values from the collumn and add them to a multiline text box//

CLOSE THE CONNECTION (Must be done after data has been added / retrieved)

MyConnection.Close(); //myConnection is the name used when creating connection//


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